We match companies with leaders.

AXXSIS is the first AI-powered platform to directly match companies with executives.

Welcome to AXXSIS!

At a time when business needs are rapidly evolving, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the right leadership talent.

Traditional recruitment methods are outdated, leading to frustration on both sides and a growing talent gap. 

Times have changed, and so must the approach to finding top talent. That´s why we have built AXXSIS.

What we do

AXXSIS is changing the way companies find and hire leadership talent.

We match decision makers directly with vetted candidates on our platform, eliminating the need for executive search or recruitment agencies.

This allows our clients to conveniently find highly sought-after candidates across industries, significantly reducing time to hire and recruitment fees.

How AXXSIS works


We identify and evaluate motivated leadership talent from inside and outside our clients´ organization.


We build, develop and benchmark leadership talent pools across industries based on our clients' requirements.


We directly match companies with candidates on our platform, eliminating the need for Executive Search or Recruitment Agencies.

How to get started

Kickstart your journey with AXXSIS in three easy steps:

Step 1 - Talk to AXXSIS

Schedule a call to tell us about your hiring needs and the aspects that matter most to your organization - we will get you started.

Step 2 - Get matched

Get matched with candidates through our AI Matching Tool, use our advanced search options, or get personalized suggestions from your search manager.

Step 3 - Connect and hire

Connect with the best talent directly on our platform and benefit from a convenient and efficient hiring process.


AXXSIS combines decades of executive search experience with AI-powered algorithms and thousands of data points to achieve one goal: to find the perfect match for companies and executives. 

Leadership Talent Pool

Our talent pools cover a wide range of industries and are growing every day.

Vetted Candidates

All candidates are pre-screened to ensure that high standards are met.

AI Matching

AXXSIS' algorithm aligns your needs with candidate expertise.

Expert Support

Receive guidance from our team of experts throughout the hiring process.

Fast and convenient

No need for challenging search projects - get matched and start hiring.

Customizable Search

Tailor your search with filters that cater to your specific requirements.

Transparent costs

AXXSIS' pricing model helps our clients to reduce their recruitment costs by up to 80%.