For Leaders

Managing your career as an executive is challenging.

If your network is limited, you may be overlooked for key positions despite your experience and accomplishments.

onstantly monitoring the job market can be very time-consuming as well as frustrating, and sending out direct applications would compromise your professional image and signal that you are actively looking for a change, which you may prefer to keep confidential.

AXXSIS is the answer to these challenges. 

AXXSIS gives you access to exclusive opportunities in the hidden job market by automatically matching you with companies and positions that align with your experience and aspirations. 

In addition, AXXSIS eliminates intermediaries by connecting you directly with decision makers, ensuring a seamless and efficient process while keeping your profile confidential.

Whether you're actively looking for a new role or simply open to new opportunities, 
AXXSIS is a powerful career transformation platform and a game changer for executive and leadership careers. 

Florian Brach

CEO & Founder

How it works

AXXSIS combines decades of executive search experience with AI-powered algorithms and thousands of data points just to achieve one goal: to find the perfect match for companies and executives. 

Your Career profile

Actively looking for a career change or just open for opportunities? We got you. Create your personal career profile and disclose your professional background, your aspirations and the preferences for your next career move.

Match & Connect

Applying for a job is a thing of the past. Get discreetly matched with decision makers and companies that fit your career aspirations - you choose who to connect with and when to share your personal information.

Membership & Coaching

Use our platform to grow: Take advantage of the continuous learning opportunities and career development tools offered through our membership and coaching programs.

How to get started

1. Create your profile

Create your free profile, upload your resume and set your job preferences and career aspirations.

2. Get matched

Get matched with top employers who are looking for your experience, skills and career aspirations.

3. Connect

Connect with one click, and communicate directly with decision makers through our platform.

The benefits

Direct Access

Get matched and communicate directly with decision-makers at top companies.

Confidential job search

Discreetly explore new opportunities while maintaining privacy.

Strategic Matching

Get matched with roles that align with your expertise and career goals.

Career acceleration

Fast-track your career growth with access to exclusive opportunities.

Network Expansion

Connect with global leaders and expand your professional network efficiently.

Diverse industries

Explore opportunities across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Customized support

Receive personalized assistance to meet your career objectives.

Recognition & Attention

Be recognized for your achievements and contributions, not your LinkedIn.

Leadership development

Participate in programs designed to enhance your leadership skills.

Feedback loop

Get constructive feedback to refine your approach and strategies.

Peer Exchange

Share challenges and solutions with a trusted community of peers.

Innovative & convenient

Streamline your career progression with ease and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

On AXXSIS you will find international leadership and executive positions, mainly in Germany and the United States of America. Our positions span a number of different industries, with annual salaries ranging from $180,000 to over seven figures, with an average between $350,000 and $450,000. Most of our listings are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else.

AXXSIS is uniquely designed to match companies with leadership talent, focusing on high-level opportunities and direct connections with companies and decision makers, setting it apart from generic job platforms.

Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that come your way, do you? In addition, AXXSIS offers valuable leadership development resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities to support your ongoing career growth.

AXXSIS cuts through the noise, focusing on direct connections with companies and decision-makers, not just gathering followers. We give you access to exclusive opportunities and provide specialized career resources that go way beyond the usual networking clutter. It’s all about quality over quantity, making sure every interaction counts.

AXXSIS offers a basic membership at no cost, with premium services available for those seeking enhanced networking opportunities and personalized career services. 

Yes, AXXSIS caters to leadership talent across all sectors, from technology and finance to healthcare and beyond, ensuring a wide array of opportunities. Our client and candidate pools are expanding daily, so even if today doesn’t bring the perfect match, tomorrow might unveil just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

AXXSIS provides unparalleled networking opportunities with decision makers and peers through our AI matching Tool as well as direct introductions from our search managers.

The AI-powered AXXSIS algorithm interprets your education, work and leadership experience, as well as your career goals and aspirations, and matches them with the preferences of our clients.

AXXSIS employs stringent security measures to protect your information and allows you to control the visibility of your profile.